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All Tech Is Human is building the Responsible Tech movement and we need your help! At this current moment, society is not well-positioned to tackle complex tech & society issues because we need a cohesive ecosystem that can leverage collective intelligence and get a more diverse range of individuals involved.

Your support will help us maintain and expand our wide range of free activities that are focused on strengthening the Responsible Tech ecosystem and elevating new voices into the movement. Our activities include a large mentorship program, a Slack community of over 7k members across 85 countries, free career services (job board, talent pool) for the community, regular summits & mixers, topic-based roundtables, working groups that produce community reports, and more.

Founded in 2018, our organization has directly interacted with thousands of individuals to understand values, best practices, and pathways to co-create a tech future aligned with the public interest. We do this through multistakeholder convening & community-building, multidisciplinary education, and diversifying the traditional tech pipeline with more backgrounds, disciplines, and lived experiences. Your donation will allow more individuals to benefit from our free resources and activities, along with helping All Tech Is Human to grow as an impactful organization that can tackle wicked tech & society issues while moving at the speed of tech.

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