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We're on a mission to harness the power of the oceans to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and help leave a planet in which we all can thrive. Vesta is developing Coastal Carbon Capture (CCC), a nature-based process that supports shoreline protection efforts and enhances the ocean’s natural ability to sequester and store CO2, which works by accelerating the Earth’s natural long-term geologic carbon cycle. CCC has the potential to sequester a significant portion of human carbon dioxide emissions permanently, lower ocean acidity, and protect coastal communities from sea level rise and erosion. Once brought to scale, Coastal Carbon Capture has the potential to be the most economical and scalable method of irreversible carbon removal. Vesta is a science-focused organization filling the gaps in the research around CCC with hopes to advance the science to the point that this technique can be safely deployed at scale.


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Vesta's hybrid structure enables philanthropic donations to fund open research in the field of Coastal Carbon Capture. For all large gift enquiries, PLEASE EMAIL OUR Development team